Sep. 12, 2019

Four Clear Signs that Fuel Cells Will Power Commercial Vehicles

Our Call to Action Revisited

In 2017, Ballard issued an industry “call to action”.  We challenged the hydrogen and fuel cell industry to an ambitious but achievable goal. 


Aug. 29, 2019

Ballard in China: Key Achievements in Zero Emission Transport

China is rapidly becoming a world leader in the transition away from fossil-fuel powered transport.

The country is wasting no time: through investment policies and...


Jan. 17, 2019

Our Countdown of the Top 5 Developments in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry in 2018

2018 was an extraordinary year for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. We saw incredible developments that prove the shift to zero-emission transport is accelerating.


Nov. 22, 2018

Ballard Is Growing in Europe: Here's What You Need to Know

Europe is home to a number of global automotive and heavy duty vehicle manufacturers. In 2015, these manufacturers produced 18.4 million motor vehicles, which accounted...


Sep. 27, 2018

California’s Bold Mandate Translates to Opportunities for Hydrogen and FCEVs

Under the 2015 Paris climate accord, nations pledged to take decisive steps to limit global warming to 2° Celsius.  To achieve this goal, the world will need to make...


Jun. 29, 2017

Why Sustainable Mobility Will be Fuelled by Hydrogen Technology

This is an exclusive blog written by Ballard Power Systems President and CEO Randall MacEwen.