May. 31, 2023

#PoweredByBallard: The first hydrogen-powered vessels set sail

2023 is fast making its mark in the history of marine technology as several industry-first hydrogen-powered vessels take to the water on their maiden journeys. This is the...


May. 15, 2023

#PoweredByBallard: PESA's New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Locomotive

PESA - Poland's largest manufacturer of rolling stock - has introduced the first certified hydrogen-powered shunting locomotive to be approved for the European market. First...


Mar. 22, 2023

Securing FTA LowNo Grant Funding for Your Zero-Emission Bus Transition

Building on intensified financial support of the sector in 2022, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is again increasing its level...


Mar. 2, 2023

Proven, Performance, Promise – Powering the Energy Transition

As 2023 takes shape, we sit down with Randy MacEwen, Ballard’s CEO, to discuss his views on the energy transition, the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, and why Ballard is in...


Feb. 13, 2023

How Ballard achieved DNV Type Approval and what it means for marine

Last year, Ballard’s Marine Center of Excellence announced that its in-house-developed marine fuel cell module FCwave™  had received the world's first DNV Type Approval...


Jan. 25, 2023

#PoweredByBallard: New Urbino 18 hydrogen bus is ready to transform zero-emission public transport in European cities

As a front runner in the transition to zero-emission public transportation for more than a decade, Solaris Bus & Coach has again delivered an innovative transport solution in...


Dec. 7, 2022

Hydrogen Fuel Cells are the Future of Zero-Emission Haulage: This is How the UK Can Get There

The transportation sector accounts for roughly 37% of global CO₂ emissions. As a significant emissions contributor within this space, freight and long-haul transport is among...


Nov. 22, 2022

IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 – The Future of Heavy-Duty Transport is Fuel Cell Electric

Marc Niefer joined Ballard Power Systems in August 2022 as General Manager, Global Truck Market and Vice President, Customer Care. Linking up with Ballard’s global...


Oct. 13, 2022

Hydrogen fuel cells for zero-emission cold ironing

Stringent environmental regulations are affecting the marine industry at a fast pace and with the increasing pressure to decarbonize, ship operators need to find ways to...


Sep. 20, 2022

Partnering to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell power for trucks

As GHG emissions from essential trucking applications, such as freight and logistics, increase at a faster rate than any other sector, market-ready solutions for...


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