May. 17, 2018

Fuel Cell Trucks: Solution to Heavy Duty Transport Emissions?

How many trucks do you see on the road on any given day? Likely, quite a few. Heavy duty transport is a crucial element in moving the products we all rely on.

And this...


May. 10, 2018

Kenworth Expert Talks Zero Emission Trucks [Interview]

Here at Ballard, we are always inspired by the growing number of industries that are shifting to zero-emission solutions. And when it comes to trucks, the innovators at...


May. 3, 2018

Fuel Cell Drayage Trucks: Revolutionizing Port Transportation

Drayage trucks are more important than ever. They’re the link between the shipping cargo and the distribution centres in our communities.

But the growth of drayage...


Apr. 26, 2018

Clean Transport: Have you Heard of the Other Electric Bus?

Across the world, electric buses are providing a smooth and quiet passenger experience with zero emissions at the tailpipe. As Europe, California and China take the lead...


Apr. 19, 2018

Energy Distribution Innovators See Opportunity in Hydrogen [Interview]

This interview is part of our ongoing commitment to engage in conversation with industry leaders who are shifting towards zero-emission. Trillium is one of the nation’s...


Apr. 12, 2018

How Scandinavia is Leading the Clean Energy Transition

There’s a preconceived idea that the transition to zero-emission will involve some sort of pain, compromise, or big expense. How can we move away from a well-developed and...


Apr. 5, 2018

Benefits of Fuel Cells: Refurbishing Leads to Zero-Waste

When it comes to product lifecycle management, Ballard is at the leading edge of innovation in applying the three “Rs” to its fuel cell stacks. Our expertise in...


Mar. 29, 2018

What Are the Latest Developments in Fuel Cell Catalyst Technology?

Zero-emissions energy enthusiasts remember the early demonstrations of hydrogen fuel cell technology. As far back as the 1990s, excitement was building for fuel cells....


Mar. 22, 2018

Proven Fuel Cell Design Boosts Durability and Performance

Can fuel cell electric buses meet the real-world demands of transit routes?

There’s no doubt that frequency and reliability are the cornerstones of an effective transit...


Mar. 15, 2018

Innovations in Fuel Cell Stack and System Design [Interview]

Ballard’s ongoing drive to improve fuel cell technologies keeps us at the forefront of innovation in our industry. To give you a glimpse into what our process looks like,...