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Ballard to preview new heavy-duty fuel cell concept at IAA Transportation 2022

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Sep. 9, 2022
Article by Nicolas Pocard

Partnering with automotive leaders to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission fuel cell technology, Ballard will bring its unique fuel cell experience - covering more than 100 million kilometers on global roads, powering more than 3600 buses and trucks - to the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, commercial vehicles, buses and the transportation sector. At the IAA Transportation 2022, Ballard will showcase the FCmove™-HD+ fuel cell module for mid-sized commercial vehicles and offer a preview of the new FCmove™-XD concept engine for heavy-duty trucks at the company’s exhibit in hall 24, stand C24.

Ballard Fuel Cell Concept

The new fuel cell engine will also feature in the world premiere of Quantron’s 44t fuel cell truck which will also take place at the event running from 20 – 25 September in Hanover, Germany.

The new FCmove™-XD concept engine is also integrated in Quantron’s new 44t fuel cell truck which will premiere at the event.  “IAA Transportation 2022 is an excellent opportunity for Ballard to demonstrate the significant progress we’re making in the hard-to-abate heavy-duty transport segment,” said Randy MacEwen, CEO, Ballard Power Systems. “Our collaborations with automotive leaders such as MAHLE and Quantron, as well as strategic partners including Forsee Power, Weichai and Linamar, accelerate our entry into the truck market and aims to have hydrogen-powered zero-emission trucks on the road in the next 18 months.”

Heavy-duty Modules for Heavy-duty Performance

Designed to address the specific power and performance requirements of heavy-duty transport, Ballard’s fuel cell products are the longest serving fuel cell solution available, powering more than 3,600 buses and trucks over more than 100 million kilometers globally.

Targeting the medium-duty segment of 19t and above, the 100kW FCmove™-HD+ fuel cell module has been designed to improve ease of vehicle integration. The module is 40% more compact, over 30% lighter and with half the component parts of previous generations. This results in an anticipated 40% improvement in total lifecycle cost while delivering leading operating performance, high efficiency and wide operational range.

Ballard FCMove HD+ Fuel CellBallard’s 100kw FCmove™-HD+ fuel cell module.

A New Platform Designed for the Most Demanding Requirements

Extending the FCmove™ range into the heavy-duty and long-haul truck segment, Ballard and MAHLE have joined forces to develop a new tailored fuel cell engine platform for the demanding requirements of the 19t and above segment, offering power outputs ranging up to 360kW.

Ballard’s 120kW fuel cell module is the central building block of the first concept engine, while MAHLE is integrating balance-of-plant components, thermal management and power electronics, optimizing the performance of the complete fuel cell system. The program is a multi-year development where MAHLE and Ballard will continuously mature and refine the platform to ensure that fuel cells will be the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) solution for heavy-duty trucks within ten years.

Ballard Product Road MapBallard’s heavy-duty transport product roadmap.

 World Premier of Quantron’s 44t Fuel Cell Truck – Powered by Ballard


Also debuting at IAA Transportation 2022, Ballard’s partner Quantron will unveil a new 44t truck integrating Ballard’s FCmove™-XD concept engine – the first heavy-duty truck that is built with Ballard's proven fuel cell capability.

As part of a Joint Development Agreement, Quantron will integrate Ballard fuel cell products for various truck applications in Europe and the U.S., including for last-mile delivery, tractor units for long-distance haulage, and refuse collection vehicles. Ballard will be the exclusive fuel cell supplier to Quantron for these truck platforms.

Quantron’s FCEV truck will be available from the second half of 2023 onwards and offers a range of up to 700km, hydrogen storage capacity exceeding 50kg and battery capacity of 120kWh. Designed to deliver uncompromising reliability for everyday use, it includes a cabin for overnight accommodation for long-haul transport and the option to use ISO standard trailers.

To find out more about Ballard’s showcase at the IAA Transportation 2022 – or to book a meeting with the team, please register your interest here.



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