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Transforming last-mile deliveries: a hydrogen-powered revolution

Quantron's 7.5-ton QLI zero-emission truck, powered by Ballard

The final journey of goods from a distribution center to the customer’s doorstep is the most demanding in terms of energy consumption and is the costliest segment of the entire delivery chain. Despite representing only a small portion of the journey, last-mile deliveries can contribute up to 30% of city emissions – highlighting the pressing need for a cleaner, more sustainable solution.

 With no tailpipe emissions, hydrogen fuel cell technology offers a promising solution to decarbonize last-mile delivery vehicles, addressing their energy-intensive and polluting operation that is driven by frequent stops, idling, and the use of diesel or gasoline vehicles in clean air zones.

Fuel cell-powered vehicles (FCEVs) deliver quiet, zero-emission operation without compromising on the efficiency of service, driving range, or vehicle availability - helping companies meet net-zero targets as well as the rising consumer demand for decarbonized logistics.

(Video footage courtesy of QUANTRON)

Addressing the need for cleaner operations, German e-mobility specialist QUANTRON recently introduced its QLI FCEV – a hydrogen fuel cell delivery van powered by Ballard’s FCmove® engine which marks a significant milestone in the light commercial vehicle market up to 7.5 tons.

Setting new standards for range and efficiency, the QLI FCEV achieves distances up to 400km on a single tank of hydrogen. In contrast to the long charging time of battery electric delivery vans, hydrogen refuling can be done in less than 10 minutes, keeping the vehicle on the road, potentially exceeding distances of 500km per day.
Ballard's FCmove®-MD 45kW fuel cell engine

At the core of the QUANTRON QLI FCEV is Ballard's FCmove®-MD fuel cell engine, delivering 45kW of clean power tailored for light and medium-duty commercial vehicles. This hydrogen module is designed for use in zero-emission, battery-dominant hybrid motive applications and is perfectly sized as a range extender for transit buses, light duty trucks and fleet vans.

The fuel cell engine’s performance is enhanced by regenerative braking which helps to recharge the battery, particularly on routes with frequent stops, while the fast refueling time reduces vehicle down-time and extends daily duty cycles, making vehicles available for longer shifts – potentially across multiple drivers.

The FCmove®-MD offers a durable, compact and easy-to-install solution for system integrators and vehicle OEMs. Its compact design, incorporating integrated air and coolant subsystems, ensure easy integration and serviceability, delivering more than 25,000 hours of operation and 97% module availability in service. 


"As pioneers of hydrogen-powered solutions, the innovative collaboration between QUANTRON and Ballard has culminated in the launch of the QLI FCEV - which has already generated significant market interest and is an important milestone in the journey to decarbonize the critical last-mile transport segment."

Mike Byberg Business Development & Sales Manager, Ballard

Mike Byberg

Backed by Ballard’s proven experience, unmatched product performance, and service quality promise, the FCmove®-MD is an ideal solution for companies looking to futureproof their logistics operations with cleaner and greener fleets.