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Ballard's FCmove®-MD fuel cell engine powers QUANTRON QLI FCEV for last mile deliveries

Quantron QLI fuel cell electric vehicle

European E-mobility specialist QUANTRON's QLI fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) represents the first hydrogen-powered van in the light commercial vehicle segment up to 7.5-ton in Europe. The truck is a range leader in the class, and is powered by Ballard’s FCmove®-MD 45kW fuel cell engine.

In a new video, Ballard's Mike Byberg, business development and sales manager, together with Leopold Königer, senior project manager at QUANTRON, explain the QLI's fuel cell concept, including the FCmove®-MD integration and vehicle refueling.  

The video was taken at Quantron headquarters in Gersthofen, Germany

The usage of the QLI FCEV is comparable to that of a diesel vehicle, when it comes to payload or refueling time. In addition it has a longer delivery range even outside urban areas and thanks to the quiet and emission-free technology, the FCEV light trucks are an ideal solution for last-mile deliveries in inner cities around the clock.  

As a pioneer in zero-emission last-mile delivery, IKEA Austria is the first customer to utilize the FCEV, saving an estimated 160 tons of CO2 annually by transitioning its fleet to QUANTRON's zero-emission light truck.

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