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FPS Waal - en route to zero-emissions

FPS Waal retrofit at shipyard, powered by BallardPhoto by Future Proof Shipping/ Flagships project

Future Proof Shipping’s (FPS) vessel “FPS Waal” has sailed its last inland voyage on a diesel engine. The barge is now in port, undergoing conversion to zero-emission operations, powered by six Ballard FCwave™ fuel cell modules. 

The container barge, owned by Dutch shipping company FPS, arrived at the Holland Shipyards Group shipyard in Werkendam in August where its retrofit to a zero-emission hydrogen-powered vessel will take place. Once the project is complete, the vessel will sail emissions-free, powered by green hydrogen and fuel cells on the River Rhine.

In the coming months, the vessel’s internal combustion engines will be removed and a new fully zero-emission propulsion system, including Ballard’s fuel cells, hydrogen storage, battery packs and an electric drive train will be installed.

FPS selected Ballard  to provide its proven PEM fuel cells for the retrofit of the 110m long Waal. Six FCwave™ fuel cell modules will be installed giving the vessel a fuel cell capacity of 1.2 MW. As the first marine fuel cell module to receive type approval certifications from both DNV and Lloyd’s Register, FCwave™ uses proven technology from Ballard's heavy-duty module platform to deliver reliable performance, high power density and favorable economics.

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The vessel is due to commence zero-emission sailing at the start of 2024 and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,000 tonnes of CO2e per year

The retrofit of the FPS Waal is part of the Flagships project, which has also received funding from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

Check out the video below where FPS Waal arrives at Werkendam Shipyard and starts its retrofit to run on zero-emissions.

Video by Future Proof Shipping