Jun. 27, 2019

Fuel Cell Trains Show Wide Market Potential: New Study

Climate change is accelerating, and it’s time to decarbonize transportation—fast. 

A recently released report, Study on the Use of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in the Rail...


Jul. 5, 2018

Hydrogen Fuel Distribution and Linde Group's Vision [Interview]

This interview is part of our ongoing conversation with innovators in the hydrogen distribution space. Hydrogen distribution is a key element in the success of market...


Jun. 21, 2018

Siemens Expert on New Hydrogen Train Technology [Interview]

Here at Ballard, we are always inspired by the growing number of industries that are shifting to zero-emission solutions. And when it comes to hydrail, Siemens is a world...


Jun. 14, 2018

Hydrogen Powered Trains: The Next Generation of Shunters?

Jurisdictions around the world are increasingly developing zero-emissions guidelines. Policymakers, along with the public, are demanding cleaner air, and more viable...


Jun. 8, 2018

Hydrail: The World is Ready and New Progress Proves It

Hydrail: within the rail transportation sector it’s the word on everyone’s lips.

Why? Because using hydrogen fuel cells to power the traction motors in trains has moved...


Aug. 24, 2017

High-Tech Hydrogen Trains Are Revolutionizing Mass Transit

The zero-emission transportation revolution has arrived.

A number of innovative countries are at the forefront of this change and are turning to fuel cell technology (also...


Sep. 29, 2016

The Real Issue With Public Transit Systems: Is it Cost?

Public transit systems are a topic of great debate for all communities. There are those who use the system. They praise it when it works and become vehemently vocal when...


Sep. 22, 2016

The Misconception of Fuel Cell Technology for Green Rail Transport

There is a global movement to introduce fuel cell systems as a source of renewable power for light rail transport application. This is in response to the rail industry’s...


Sep. 15, 2016

The Coming of Age of Hydrogen Rail aka Hydrail

Indeed, U.N.’s Climate Change Conference in Paris during November of 2015 was classified as a resounding success. This COP21 conference culminated with the creation of the