Sep. 30, 2021

In Conversation With the Manufacturer of New Zealand’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

In this article, we’re speaking with Mike Parker, Executive Vice President at Global Bus Ventures. Global Bus Ventures is an innovative, New Zealand-based manufacturer of...


Jun. 10, 2021

4 Ways to Improve Public Transport (With Input From the Public)

As some parts of the world begin a cautious, gradual re-opening after COVID-19, the future of public transportation is a concern. Millions of people are returning to their...


Mar. 11, 2021

How RVK Scaled Up the Largest Fuel Cell Bus Fleet in Europe [Interview]

Today, we’re interviewing Jens Conrad, Team Leader for Project Zero-Emissions with Germany’s Cologne Regional Transit Operator, RVK. 

RVK currently has the largest fuel...


Jan. 28, 2021

Zero Emission Bus Rollouts: 4 Factors to Ensure Success As You Scale

Are you a transit fleet operator planning to convert to zero-emission buses in the coming years? Then this is the article for you. 

You’ll learn why preparing a thorough...


Nov. 19, 2020

How to Adapt Your Bus Depot to Refuel and Service Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

As community leaders and transit operators plan the transition to zero-emission bus fleets, the question arises: “How can we adapt our existing bus depots to refuel and...


May. 28, 2020

Fuel Cell Electric Buses: The Proven Solution for Canada’s Climate and Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly all aspects of our day-to-day lives, and many industries are struggling to stay afloat amidst the economic crisis. 



Apr. 27, 2020

Comment les villes françaises peuvent évaluer les différentes options de bus électriques zéro émission

To read the English version of this blog, click here

Pour les responsables de flottes de bus de transport en commun, la pression pour adopter des technologies zéro...


Apr. 23, 2020

How French Cities Can Evaluate Zero-Emission Bus Options

For those in charge of transit bus fleets, the pressure to adopt a zero-emission (not merely low-emission) technology is intense. 

Governments are setting zero-emission...


Apr. 6, 2020

It’s Time to Scale Up Fuel Cell Electric Buses in Denmark

To meet ambitious emissions reduction targets, Denmark must change the way it fuels transport. 

Currently, public transit and heavy-duty cargo transport account for around...


Oct. 10, 2019

Key Takeaways from the 2019 International Zero Emission Bus Conference

Since its inception in 2011, with just 50 attendees at the inaugural event, the International Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Conference has seen sharp growth. 

The latest...