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#PoweredByBallard: Stadler Flirt H2 zero-emission passenger train breaks Guinness world record

Stadler's H2 Flirt, powered by Ballard

Stadler’s Flirt H2 – powered by Ballard – has set the Guinness World Record for the furthest distance recorded without refueling for a hydrogen fuel cell passenger train. Traveling around a dedicated test circuit in Colorado, U.S., the zero-emission train achieved an impressive  2,803km (1,742 miles) during a 46-hour run on a single supply of fuel.

Initially unveiled publicly at INNOTRANS 2022 in Berlin, Germany, the Flirt H2 has since been put through rigorous testing of its durability, reliability and capabilities at facilities in Switzerland and Colorado. The successful world record attempt represented the culmination of these trials, with the rolling stock manufacturer proving the impressive performance level of the hydrogen-powered passenger rail unit. 

The world record journey commenced on March 20 at the ENSCO test center in Pueblo, Colorado. A team of engineers from Stadler and ENSCO drove the vehicle in shifts to ensure an uninterrupted run, completing the record-breaking effort just after 5 p.m. local time on March 22.

The Flirt H2 is driven by six Ballard FCmove®-HD+ fuel cell engines, delivering a combined power capacity of 600kW. The train seats 108 passengers, has a maximum speed of 130 km/h (79 mph), and is designed to operate in high temperatures of up to 49°C (120°F).

Four units are expected in service this year - with the option for a further six - and Stadler's model is set to become the first hydrogen-powered passenger train in the U.S. when it commences commercial operation in San Bernadino, California. 

“Stadler is consistently focusing on the future of rail transportation with alternative drive systems by continuously developing innovative technologies. By using hydrogen as a clean energy source, we are actively contributing to environmental protection and shaping the sustainable and zero-emission travel of tomorrow.”

Martin Ritter CEO, Stadler US

Martin Ritter, Stadler US

Stadler originally announced the supply agreement with Ballard for the Flirt H2 in September 2022, to deliver six 100kW FCmove®-HD+ fuel cell engines to power the first hydrogen train in the United States.