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Ballard announces 15MW order for stationary power market

Off-grid power generation: courtesy of Canva

Ballard Power Systems has announced an order for 15 megawatts (MW) of fuel cell systems from a UK-based company specializing in renewable off-grid power generation. Ballard expects to deliver 150 FCmove®-HD+ 100kW fuel cell engines beginning in late 2024 and continuing through 2025.

The current order of 15MW of fuel cell systems follows prior cumulative orders for roughly 5MW of fuel cell systems from this customer, illustrating substantial growth in Ballard’s supply relationship and the proven performance of Ballard’s fuel cell technology in stationary power applications. 

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with this exciting customer and support them in the next phase of their growth as they scale deployments of their innovative hydrogen power units. We see growing demand to replace traditional diesel generators with fuel cell systems that can provide resilient, predictable, clean, and quiet solutions for onsite power generation in a variety of applications, including electric vehicle charging, filming, events and construction sites.”

David Mucciacciaro Chief Commercial Officer, Ballard

Dave Mucchaciaro

The purchase order is the first order under a new multi-year supply agreement. The agreement also provides the customer an option to purchase up to an additional 296 systems by March 2026, which, if fully exercised, would bring the total number of systems ordered to 446.