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Silvano Pozzi

Director of After Sales Service

Silvano Pozzi is currently the Director of After Sales Service at Ballard Power Systems. In this role, Mr. Pozzi leads Ballard’s team of technicians and engineers dedicated to providing fast response and highly professional support to our customers.

For the last ten years, Mr. Pozzi has dedicated his career to the adaptation of current industry methodology and the development of a novel approach to Product Verification and Validation for the new developing world of PEM fuel cells, using his extensive experience in the automotive industry and ICE power train development.

Immediately prior to Ballard, Mr. Pozzi spent 10 years as part of the Heavy Duty Vehicle Development Team at Daimler Chrysler developing and leading the test activities for many different programs and vehicle platforms around the world with projects executed in Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and USA.

Mr. Pozzi spent the first six years of his professional career specializing in the design and development of high-performance ICE engines by leading the development of a family of small size 2T engines and a family of 4T engines up to 300 HP. During this period, Mr. Pozzi obtained most of his experience in ICE research techniques by working with technology leaders in Italy.

Mr. Pozzi graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1985 and obtained his Masters degree in 1993 at the University of Industrial Engineering in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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