Roy Segev

Business Development Director

Roy Segev is a Business Development Director and has led the Stationary fuel cell business at Ballard since 2018. Roy is a Physicist and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of business experience in the technology sector.

He was the founder and CEO of Zenith Solar from its inception until it was acquired by the Chinese-based Sanan group, the largest LED fabricator in China. Roy is the co-founder of Nexwafe GmbH, a disruptive silicon wafer technology provider.

Previously he served as EVP in Magink Display Technology and prior as a general partner in Sadot VC Fund, investing in early-stage start-ups primarily in the Energy and communication sectors. Roy is a co-inventor of patents in the field of optics, solar, and energy. Roy holds BSc. in Physics and Mathematics from Hebrew University and MSc. in Management from Boston University.

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