Phil Robinson

Vice President of Unmanned Systems

Phil Robinson, Vice President of Unmanned Systems for Ballard Power Systems’ Protonex subsidiary, and is responsible for UAV power systems and commercial applications. He joined Protonex in 2005 to head the fuel cell company’s engineering department, and was involved in the earliest UAV power systems, developed for US Air Force and US Navy hand-launch UAV programs.

Phil is also active in UAV standards efforts; serving as Technical Lead for the ASTM F38.01 workgroup WK60937, Fuel Cells for Use in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and as a charter member of the SAE E-39 Unmanned Aircraft Propulsion Committee – where he leads activities regarding fuel cell and hybrid battery propulsion systems. Phil has spoken at numerous conferences and events, on topics ranging from the technical aspects of hybrid systems to U.S. Government policies on innovation and acquisitions.

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