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Mike Pearson

Manager Environment, Health and Safety

Mike Pearson, Manager Environment, Health and Safety, has been a safety professional for more than 17 years and has experience in the transportation and manufacturing sectors. Prior to working at Ballard Mike worked for British Columbia Rapid Transit (SkyTrain) as the Safety Advisor specializing in Capital Projects and Adjacent Properties. Before working for SkyTrain he worked at WorkSafeBC as a safety advisor for the Manufacturing Sector.

Mike joined Ballard as an EH&S specialist in 2014 and became the Manager 2016. In 2015 he led a team that facilitated Ballard attaining the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence Certification presented by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. In 2017, Ballard was certified to the ISO 14001-2015 standard.

Recent Posts

Jul. 12, 2018

Dispelling Common Hydrogen Safety Myths

Most people’s image of hydrogen fuel is the incredible video footage of the Hindenburg airship alight in flame. It is powerful and intense. So much so that it’s become...