Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard

Kristina holds a Master’s Degree in International Energy Planning and loves working with Innovation and Development. She has +20 years of experience with renewable energy technologies, Integrating renewable energy sources, energy storage and smart energy solutions. Her focus is to bridge the gap between new technology and business to solve societal challenges. Kristina is heading the Business Development activities of Ballard Europe with a special focus on zero emission fuel cell solutions for heavy duty motive and marine applications. She is active on the Board of Hydrogen Denmark and participates actively in the working groups of Hydrogen Europe to bring fuel cells and hydrogen technologies to market. Her personal goal is to create positive changes towards a sustainable future. Kristina has been with Ballard for 5 years.
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Oct. 1, 2020

Meeting the Challenge of Decarbonizing the Maritime Sector: 6 Ballard Fuel Cell-Powered Vessel Projects Underway Today

With regulatory pressure growing, the marine industry is challenged: can they deliver a zero-emissions shipping vessel—by 2026? It’s a tall order.

But that’s the...