Kim Leach

Market Development Manager, North America East

Every good structure requires a foundation, mine started in agriculture and transitioned into the aggregate industry in the late 80’s. I spent a lot of time studying and have certifications in dentistry, tourism, construction and project management, economic development, renewable energy and land use planning.

Following the sale of a family business, I was recruited to redevelop a community in Eastern Ontario after an economic downturn. In the government sector I held key positions as a Deputy CEO and Director of Planning and Economic Development. I developed and honed my portfolio to include specialties in cultural relations, immigration, international development, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy.

My work included advisory sessions with the Speaker of House, Members of Parliament, International Leaders, and informative sessions with Federal Party Leaders.

In 2012, following an accident, I developed an interest in Wind Farm development. My efforts in wind farm development have included some of the most challenging and contentious projects in Canada. Over the last couple of years, Canada has announced significant actions to address the reduction of green house gas emissions and with that the Hydrogen Framework for Canada.

This led me to Ballard Power Systems. Ballard Power Systems is a Canadian Company and global leader in Fuel Cell Technology. I am pleased to be the Market Development Manager – East for Ballard.

Like everyone else my life is busy, I have two aging parents, a husband, a daughter in the RCMP and my son Massey who has down syndrome graduated high school and received the skilled trades award. Life is a real thing that can have value – it’s tangible. Enjoy it!
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