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Kevin Colbow

Vice President, Technology, and Product Development

Kevin Colbow was appointed Chief Technology Officer in March 2019. Dr. Colbow’s responsibilities include Research, Product Engineering and Program Management. He also provides leadership of the Company’s Technology Solutions business segment, including Engineering Services and Intellectual Property licensing.

Dr. Colbow joined Ballard in 1994 and his areas of responsibilities have included research and development, product development, technology portfolio management and product management. He was Director of Research and Development until March 2010, when he was appointed Director of Product Management & Solutions Engineering with responsibility for fuel cell stack products. Dr. Colbow joined the Ballard Executive Team in February 2014 and served as Vice President, Technology Solutions. Most recently, from February 2016 to March 2019, he served as Vice President, Technology and Product Development.

Following receipt of a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Physics from Simon Fraser University in 1986, Dr. Colbow completed a Master of Science in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries at the University of British Columbia and, in 1992, completed a Ph.D. in photoelectron and soft x-ray spectroscopy on semiconductor surfaces. Dr. Colbow has also completed the Certificate Program for Technology Management at the California Institute of Technology and has 23 patents in the area of PEM fuel cells.

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