Dennis Jensen

Dennis Jensen joined Ballard Europe as VP of Technology in May 2018. Mr. Jensen heads the technology activities for Ballard Europe and has many years of experience in leading successful technology development and bringing innovative products and solutions to the market at the international level. Mr. Jensen started his career in the oil and gas industry where he spent three years successfully growing the consultancy side of their engineering business. In 2003, Mr. Jensen joined Dantherm as a project manager in the R&D/Business Development team. His main area of focus was heating, ventilation and electronics cooling technologies. During his time at Dantherm, Mr. Jensen was appointed to lead the largest technology investment project in the history of the company. During his time at Dantherm, Mr. Jensen served as R&D Manager for three years before being appointed CTO in 2010. In 2014 Mr. Jensen joined Aavid Thermalloy as VP of Global Design Centers, Mr. Jensen was responsible for the overall management of eight design sites and a total of 100 engineers and relocated to New Hampshire, USA. Mr. Jensen holds a Master of Engineering in industrial technology (processes, automation, and manufacturing) from the University of Aalborg; one of the leading technical universities in the world with a unique tradition of collaboration with the industry and project-focused learning.
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