Catharine Reid

Catharine Reid has spent 18 years in the clean energy sector, as an experienced champion behind heavy duty motive applications at Ballard. Focused on the transit (bus, truck) market, Catharine leads marketing campaigns with significant analysis, research and industry outlook data to create comprehensive information for Ballard’s audiences and customers. Catharine is responsible for delivering lead generation and nurturing initiatives, social media campaigns, digital and content marketing, technical writing and sales tools to support revenue generation and thought leadership programs. Catharine holds a BBA from Simon Fraser University with a Marketing Concentration.
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Recent Posts

Oct. 10, 2019

Key Takeaways from the 2019 International Zero Emission Bus Conference

Since its inception in 2011, with just 50 attendees at the inaugural event, the International Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Conference has seen sharp growth. 

The latest...


Jul. 13, 2017

The Facts on Fuel Cell Bus Maintenance and Support [Interview]

The Ballard team recently sat down with our after-sales expert Silvano Pozzi, to discuss some of the realities of fuel cell bus maintenance and operation in the world...


May. 11, 2017

Interview with Nicolas Pocard of Ballard Power Systems


This article was originally published in print in Eurotransport Magazine.

In this interview for Eurotransport, Nicolas Pocard, Director of Marketing at Ballard Power...


Mar. 2, 2017

Why Hydrogen is the Super Fuel of Our Future

Ever since humanity discovered the energy contained in fuel, we have been thinking about how to use it. The goal has been to use it efficiently. Our thirst for energy and...