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Feb. 16, 2017

Engineers to play a major role in the future of zero emission transportation

Image Credit: Courtesy of ARUP

Public transportation, in the broadest sense of the term, plays a key role in meeting global energy policy goals established at the Paris...


Feb. 2, 2017

Move over diesel: fuel cell buses are taking over

The photo above is courtesy of South China Morning Post.

How do you know that the change is here? You know it when major cities—including New York, Los Angeles, San...


Aug. 4, 2016

Making Public Transit Better, With Input From the Public

In speaking with riders on our local bus lines, I am always enchanted with the thoughtful responses they give when asked about how they would improve the transit network.



Jul. 28, 2016

California’s Leadership With Zero Emission Buses

At the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, the U.S. government proudly announced that they are doubling their investment in clean energy R&D funding...