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Mar. 16, 2017

Zero-Emission Buses: How to Transition your Transit Fleet from CNG

Planning to transition a transit fleet from CNG to zero-emission buses?

Think about the fueling/charging infrastructure.

Many transit authorities, having invested in...


Mar. 2, 2017

Why Hydrogen is the Super Fuel of Our Future

Ever since humanity discovered the energy contained in fuel, we have been thinking about how to use it. The goal has been to use it efficiently. Our thirst for energy and...


Feb. 2, 2017

Move over diesel: fuel cell buses are taking over

The photo above is courtesy of South China Morning Post.

How do you know that the change is here? You know it when major cities—including New York, Los Angeles, San...


Nov. 3, 2016

Why the Public Loves Fuel Cell Buses (Why Don't You?)

The truth is the public prefers zero-emission fuel cell buses over their diesel-powered cousin. Transit drivers on routes served by both types of buses (diesel and fuel...


May. 19, 2016

How Can Fuel Cell Buses Reduce CO2 Emissions?

Seeking alternatives to diesel buses is crucial for realizing the carbon emissions reduction agenda in public transport. Although some improvements in terms of reducing...