Oct. 19, 2017

What is the Future of Hydrogen Technology? [Interview]

Here at Ballard, we are committed to bringing you the thoughts and voices of leading experts in the hydrogen technology space. A special topic of interest is hydrogen...


Oct. 12, 2017

Hydrogen Fuel Safety: Essential Facts for Transit Operators

Are hydrogen buses safe?

In May 2012 a hydrogen fuel storage tank in Emeryville, California ignited. While the resulting fire quickly burned itself out and injured no one,...


Oct. 5, 2017

Groundbreaking Leadership of Shanghai’s Landmark Fuel Cell Vehicle Development Plan

This blog was written by Ballard Power Systems President and CEO Randy MacEwen.

Coming off a recent business trip to China, I wanted to share my thoughts on the rapid and...


Sep. 28, 2017

The Time for Zero-Emission Technology Is Now

Transit managers around the world are beginning to realize the necessity for implementing zero emission technology in their fleets. Are you one of them?


Sep. 21, 2017

The Growth of Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure in Scandinavia

Europe, as a whole, is more invested than ever in reducing its use and eliminating reliance on fossil fuels. Whether this is motivated by fuel security or the...


Sep. 11, 2017

5 Key Benefits of Hydrogen Buses for Scandinavian Transit

Scandinavia has led the world with sustainable practices for generations. Now, more than ever, this commitment is generating tremendous interest from other jurisdictions...


Sep. 7, 2017

Why The World Needs Fuel Cell Technology More Than Ever

This is an exclusive blog written by Ballard Power Systems Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Campbell.

This is my first blog with Ballard Power Systems after starting back...


Aug. 24, 2017

High-Tech Hydrogen Trains Are Revolutionizing Mass Transit

The zero-emission transportation revolution has arrived.

A number of innovative countries are at the forefront of this change and are turning to fuel cell technology (also...


Aug. 10, 2017

4 Ways to Improve Public Transport: With Input From the Public

In speaking with riders on bus lines around the world, we are always impressed with the thoughtful responses they give when asked about ways to improve public transport.


Jul. 20, 2017

Advantages of Hydrogen Energy for Europe: 5 Compelling Arguments

Europe’s continued reliance on oil imports is a high-risk proposition, with supply stability often the victim of geopolitical conflicts. Europe currently imports just...